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These Reactions To “Fire Island” Tell Us How Enjoyable The Movie Is

These Reactions To “Fire Island” Tell Us How Enjoyable The Movie Is

It’s all pride and no prejudice.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single novel in possession of a good plot and array of characters, must be the subject of repeated screen adaptations. That’s why filmmakers keep returning to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice for inspiration (and financial success) and this time it’s very different from its predecessors.

Joel Kim Booster reading a book


Hulu’s Fire Island is the latest movie to retell the evergreen story of class and temperament differences but with a massive twist: all the central characters are part of the LGBTQ community.

Tomas Matos, Joel Kim Booster, Conrad Ricamora, Matt Rogers, Margaret Cho, Torian Miller in "Fire Island"

Jeong Park / © Searchlight Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

The movie — named after a real vacation destination in New York — has been hailed by critics and viewers alike for its platter of irreverent comedy, romance, racial diversity, and gay pride.

Matt Rogers, Bowen Yang, Tomas Matos in Fire Island

eong Park / © Searchlight Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

It also stresses on seeing people as individuals rather than as members of a herd: two people having the same racial background, sexual orientation, socio-economic class can be as different as chalk and cheese.

Let’s see what the internet is saying about the Fire Island:


Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang are being praised for their roles.

If FIRE ISLAND doesn’t get Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang a million more movie roles EACH, I’m gonna need the FBI to investigate what went wrong

Twitter: @ZoeRoseBryant


The whole cast is excellent, in fact.

Bowen Yang is giving ACTOR. Matt Rogers is a SCENE STEALER. Conrad Ricamora LEADING MAN. Joel Kim Booster STAR. Top to bottom (no pun intended) wonderful. #FireIsland

Twitter: @apat10


The movie is an ode to the richness that LGBT people bring to our society.

There is something altogether magical, spiritual and special about the bonds queer people build in our friendships, and Fire Island is the first film I’ve seen that honestly captured that magic.

Twitter: @lostblackboy


It’s an excellent transition from APAHM to Pride Month.

Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster and MARGARET CHO in Fire Island on Hulu 🙀💙💜💖 is henceforth how we shall celebrate the handoff #APAHM #PrideMonth

Twitter: @christine_su


People found the film to be extremely relatable.

It’s insanely impressive how @ihatejoelkim perfectly captured the experience of going to Fire Island as someone who isn’t a gwm with a six pack, and Bowen Yang’s character might be the most relatable character I’ve ever seen in a gay film. Easily in the top ten best gay films.

Twitter: @bearytylermoore


A wholesome summary of the movie.

Finally watched FIRE ISLAND and am astounded that, besides being an excellent update on traditional rom-coms and a well-made feature film, it covers so much ground so deftly in being honest and unjudgmental about gay culture, in all of its idiosyncrasies for better or worse.

Twitter: @allalessio


The movie is replete with funny dialogues.

In Fire Island, Tomás Matos saying “I’ll see you tomorrow, girl” to the sun after it sets is truly one of the funniest lines to me ever

Twitter: @MarciaBelsky


The comparisons were bound to happen and the movie pays tribute to the 2005 Pride & Prejudice.

Netflix / Focus Features / Via Twitter: @josietoni


Bowen Yang gained many new fans…

I didn’t care for Bowen Yang, and I watched fire island and when I tell u I will be watching anything and everything he makes from now on….

Twitter: @zacsmashyou


The movie was a parade of bathing suits.

just finished fire island and have unlocked a new recurring nightmare, which is that i have to film a feature-length movie entirely in a bathing suit. all of those men deserve medals of honor

Twitter: @Chelsea_Fagan


People loved the Britney Spears scene.

bowen yang, matt rogers and tomas matos singing sometimes by britney spears as bowen’s love interest watches with his snobby bestie and ex/current bf = instant classic #fireisland

Twitter: @biIlyjoels


Ricamora does a good job of playing Mr. Darcy. Can anyone write the first name of Mr. Darcy in the comments (without Googling obviously)?

Conrad Ricamora is an absolutely perfect Darcy and I would like him to play many more romantic leads, thank you. #FireIsland #FireIslandMovie

Netflix / Via Twitter: @iWatchiAm


An improvement on the original story that Luke (Lydia) doesn’t end up with the Wickham of the story.

Luke’s storyline is reminding me of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and how they understood Lydia was a victim I’m glad Fire Island took that route and didn’t demonize Luke #FireIsland

Twitter: @WeekesPrincess


The movie is meant to evoke fun and joy that’s associated with summer vacations.

anyway let’s talk about Fire Island! I am watching it for the second time because the setting is total summer escapism, and I’m interested in some of the changes

Twitter: @sophiahelix


People are seeing the movie more than once.

Since it came out last week, I’ve seen FIRE ISLAND (2022) twice. It’s hilarious, sweet, raunchy, great to look at, and just a really smart adaptation of Pride & Prejudice w/a pitch perfect Mr. Darcy in Conrad Ricamora and a surprising Jane/Charlotte mix in low-key MVP Bowen Yang.

Twitter: @sortathatguy


Straight or queer, everyone would love to live the life of Margaret Cho’s character.

Margaret Cho’s character in Fire Island is living my dream: live alone in a beautiful location, where i occasionally host large groups of fun people who love me and love to go out but never make me go out with them

Twitter: @morninggloria


It’s the little behind-the-scenes pieces that can sometimes make a movie.

Finding out that it was Bowen Yang’s voice doing “she’s an icon, she’s a legend” in the beginning of Fire Island has truly changed things for me these last few days.

Twitter: @tim__fitzgerald


The movie caught the attention of someone who tweeted that it didn’t pass the Bechdel test…

Okay, I just added a corollary to the Bechdel test: Two men talking to each other about the female protagonist of an Alice Munro story in a screenplay structured on a Jane Austen novel = pass. #FireIsland #BechdelTest

Twitter: @AlisonBechdel


But then there are many who realise that not every movie has to check all the boxes of representation.

about that tweet: I loved Fire Island. I’m a Black lesbian and I didn’t necessarily see myself directly in the film but that’s more than okay. It’s Pride month, I’m celebrating narratives that don’t center me. Y’all should try and do the same.

Twitter: @figwidow


All being said, the film does an important job of promoting diversity but can’t be expected to shoulder all the weight.

I hope this Fire Island discourse is a reminder that no single movie can possibly carry the burden of representation for diverse communities that have been marginalized for as long as film has been a medium. That’s why Hollywood needs to keep greenlighting more movies like it.

Twitter: @Nico_Lang


Please try to understand that each and every story cannot be about YOU.

Can’t help but think about the white people mad about Turning Red and Fire Island not centering their experience, and they’re *so close* to understanding what it’s like for the rest of us, except for lacking the necessary empathy closing that gap requires.

Twitter: @joeybear85


Hahaha, I’m glad that the movie is also making people learn about new places.

Literally thought Fire Island was a made up place for the movie until 2 days ago when my sister told me otherwise 😅😂😭

Twitter: @kingbealestreet


Overall, people were blown away.

Fire Island was so fantastic wow ugh !!! Viscerally captured the desire to feel desired and wanted so well!! Joel Kim Booster deserves the world for writing this and Bowen Yang made me cry!! Beautiful catharsis

Twitter: @eyedanMw


And people are already demanding a sequel.

The people demand a FIRE ISLAND sequel starring Bowen Yang’s character but it’s based on “Sense and Sensibility” and called PROVINCETOWN.

Twitter: @RobynBahr

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