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Due to Fake Farmers an innocent student who loves his country is in jail, Vishal Jood.

As we all know a fake farmer protest is going on in Punjab and Chandigarh. Farmers are hijacking roads of Chandigarh and Mohali and govt is doing nothing but watching them growing and creating homes on the road. This could be a really serious problem for the innocent people of the cities one day but govt authorities wont do anything because they also support them.

The fake farmers and supporters are creating flags, stickers and slogans etc and they are using these stickers on their luxury cars.

But it is India and we are a democratic country so it is OK to protest. But this same democracy gives anyone a right to love his country anywhere in the world.  Actually loving your country doesn’t belongs to any religious community or any democracy, it is just in your blood.

A student from haryana named Vishal Jood has been arrested by Australian police. The reason for his arrest is that he loved his country so much so when he saw faker farmers khalistaani(Or whatever they are called) saying bad stuff about his country he just stood like a lion and showed the Indian flag..

Is this a crime? We feel sad for Vishal Jood but you know what he will be free soon. Why? because of our govt. But Vishal Jood has shown what is going on in the world at the name of farmers.

The takeaway is that do not get trapped in the emotional narrative of farmer protest..

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