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Danny Trejo, Hollywood’s Tough Guy That Has a Heart of Gold in Real Life

Danny Trejo, Hollywood’s Tough Guy That Has a Heart of Gold in Real Life

One of the most important lessons that life can teach us is not to judge a book by its cover. This means that appearances can be deceiving and that sometimes a person who looks very tough can be gentle, kind, and good-hearted. Actor Danny Trejo is probably the best example of that.

Bright Side wants to share with you the story of Danny Trejo and his journey of helping others without expecting anything in return.

Danny Trejo is an actor of Mexican descent who has appeared in more than 400 movies. He often played your typical tough guy or even a criminal. Some of the most well-known films or series in which he has worked are Con Air, Machete, Breaking Bad, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Mini Spies. He recently also appeared in Disney’s The Book of Boba Fett.

Born in Los Angeles, California, in 1944, into a troubled family, it could be said that his childhood was difficult. He was surrounded by people that led him down a bad path. For this reason, he was in and out of prison for 11 years. Ironically, it was that experience that helped him land his first movie role.

During his time in prison, he used to box and was so good that he won several titles in prison tournaments. During his time behind bars, he got his high school diploma as well.

In 1968 a fight broke out between several prisoners. Trejo was sent to spend time in confinement, and it was there that he decided that, if he was ever released, he would stay out of trouble. The following year, he was released from prison and held several honest jobs in construction and landscaping. He also became a counselor for people who were making bad decisions in their lives.

While working to help people improve their lives, he received a call from a patient who needed his help, so he looked for him. He found him on the set of a movie, which plot revolved around two convicts. Surprisingly, it turned out that the screenwriter of the movie had been his partner in prison. This person knew he was good at boxing, and convinced the director to give him a supporting role in the film.

This was the first of many. And despite landing more and more roles, Danny Trejo did not give up his job as a counselor, as it gave and still gives him a lot of satisfaction. His life definitely took a big turn, and since then, all he has done is try to give something back to the community.

And while in Hollywood he is known as the toughest guy around, the real Danny Trejo has a heart of gold, and it’s even surprising that people don’t know more about the incredible things he has done outside of a movie set.

For example, in 2016 he opened a taco restaurant. It went so well that he now has 7 taquerías and a donut shop. The best part is the concept behind these businesses. In Danny’s words: “We employ second chances at our restaurants—kids who’ve gotten in trouble. People need a job and a chance, that’s all.”

With his restaurants, he has hired people in need, but has also sought to support the community in any way he can. His mission is for everyone to enjoy a great meal, from people who don’t eat meat to people with autism, and even those who have nowhere to live. He said, “We send a lot of the food to homeless people; nothing is put away overnight, and what we have left goes to a homeless shelter. It’s all part of sharing success.”

At his doughnut shop, he also decided to offer gluten-free products, because some people believe gluten can affect people with autism. And when all the stores were closed, his stores kept working to donate food to some 800 families in difficult times.

Danny Trejo has done almost everything there is to do in movies, from supporting roles to lead roles. He has also ventured into the world of video games and has done countless other things. The reason his resume is so plentiful and varied is that he often says yes to young people who are starting out in the industry without charging them a stellar salary.

“I’ve done a lot of projects that are student films or from first-time producers or directors. My agent gets so mad with me, but it’s an honor to be an important part of someone’s career when they’re starting out. I’m like: ’Just pay for my gas, give me $100, buy me lunch, whatever.’ I bring my A-game whether I’m doing this or a Michael Mann movie.”

Another of Danny Trejo’s qualities is that even though he looks like the kind of guy who can handle any action scene, he prefers not to. And the reason is that doing something like that is someone else’s job, and he doesn’t want to take away the job or the preparation time stunt pros invest in movies.

He acknowledged his stunt double by saying, “A stunt guy pads up and goes through a wall. That’s his profession. Every time the profession’s mixed, I don’t want to risk 80 people’s jobs just so I can say I can. I don’t want to say that. Norm Mora is my stuntman, that’s his profession.”

Although Danny Trejo is a busy man, he makes time to spend time with his rescued dogs and to campaign for dog adoption. “Dogs have always been part of the family,” he said.

And, if that wasn’t enough, to finish proving that this Hollywood tough guy is a delicate soul, he became a hero in real life. In 2019, the actor witnessed a car accident. One of the cars flipped over, and both he and a young woman quickly ran to help. They saw that there was a baby inside.

Trejo, working with children, knew how to calm him down, and together with the young woman they were able to get him out of the car. He waited with the child until the child’s grandmother was well and was taken care of.

In short, Danny Trejo’s life seems like something out of a movie, and in it, he is not the villain, but a superhero.

What deeds have you or someone you know done that prove people have a good heart?

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