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Anaheim 1 finally arrived and the 2024 Supercross/SuperMotocross season is out of the gate. A stacked 450 field of former champions took to the track but it was Supercross Rookie Jett Lawrence who topped them all in the end. That might have been predicted by many, but virtually no other aspect of the evening went


Anaheim 1 lastly arrived and the 2024 Supercross/SuperMotocross season is out of the gate. A stacked 450 subject of former champions took to the observe nevertheless it was Supercross Rookie Jett Lawrence who topped all of them ultimately. That may have been predicted by many, however nearly no different facet of the night went based on expectations. Jett’s hassle Hunter did not make the primary occasion after a crash in his warmth and a lackluster LCQ whereas former champions Cooper Webb and Jason Anderson placed on the very best present of the evening.

450 HEAT 1

Essentially the most vital moments on this warmth occurred within the first flip the place Vince Friese collided with Hunter Lawrence. Friese stayed up, Lawrence went down and picked up Chase Sexton. Ken Roczen, within the meantime, moved into the lead shortly and sprinted out to a sizeable lead. Dean Wilson was second within the early laps, however finally surrendered to Aaron Plessinger, Malcolm Stewart and Eli Tomac. Sexton was capable of cost again as much as sixth, however Hunter Lawrence must make a visit to the LCQ.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Aaron Plessinger
3 Malcolm Stewart
4 Eli Tomac
5 Dean Wilson
6 Chase Sexton
7 Christian Craig
8 Vince Friese
9 Derek Drake
10 Anthony Rodriguez
11 Josh Hill
12 Devin Simonson
13 Cade Clason
14 Josh Cartwright
15 Jason Clermont
16 Tristan Lane
17 Hunter Lawrence
18 Hunter Schlosser
19 Benny Bloss
20 Logan Karnow

450 HEAT 2

Jett Lawrence was high 450 qualifier at A1. He fell in Warmth 2 however nonetheless managed to earn third. Photograph by David Dewhurst

Nobody was stunned when Jett Lawrence obtained the holeshot in Warmth 2. It solely lasted a few turns, although, earlier than Cooper Webb took over.  Webb pulled away barely within the early laps, however quickly Lawrence was on his rear fender. It was all for nothing as a result of Lawrence went down with three laps to go. Webb cruised in for a simple win with Jason Anderson second. Lawrence was third.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Jason Anderson
3 Jett Lawrence
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Justin Barcia
6 Adam Cianciarulo
7 Justin Cooper
8 Jorge Prado
9 Shane McElrath
10 Justin Hill
11 Austin Politelli
12 Kevin Moranz
13 Kyle Chisholm
14 Mitchell Harrison
15 Freddie Noren
16 Cheyenne Harmon
17 Thomas Ramette
18 Jerry Robin
19 Justin Starling
20 Gared Steinke


Jett Lawrence took the holeshot whereas Ken Roczen, Malcolm Stewart and Dean Wilson fell within the first flip. Jett was by no means critically challenged within the following laps, however an intense battle between Jason Anderson and Cooper Webb closed the hole in the midst of the race. These two tangled a variety of occasions whereas Chase Sexton rode a lonely race a number of seconds again. Within the closing laps, the Webb/Anderson battle grew extra intense till Webb hit the bottom. He remounted in sixth, however that allowed Anderson to decelerate which, in flip, allowed Lawrence to stretch out his result in 10 seconds.

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1 Jett Lawrence
2 Jason Anderson
3 Chase Sexton
4 Aaron Plessinger
5 Dylan Ferrandis
6 Cooper Webb
7 Justin Barcia
8 Justin Cooper
9 Eli Tomac
10 Ken Roczen
11 Malcolm Stewart
12 Adam Cianciarulo
13 Jorge Prado
14 Justin Hill
15 Derek Drake
16 Dean Wilson
17 Shane McElrath
18 Kyle Chisholm
19 Cade Clason
20 Christian Craig
21 Freddie Noren
22 Vince Friese

250 HEAT 1

Carson Mumford and Jordon Smith had a terrific race within the early laps of 250 Warmth 1. Jo Shimoda regarded like we was going to affix the celebration however went down. He needed to spend a lot of the warmth making an attempt to catch again as much as a switch place. Smith took the win, Mumford fell again to fourth and Shimoda finally obtained into ninth

1 Jordon Smith
2 RJ Hampshire
3 Nate Thrasher
4 Carson Mumford
5 Cole Thompson
6 Hunter Yoder
7 Joshua Varize
8 Anthony Bourdon
9 Jo Shimoda
10 Tj Albright
11 Billy Laninovich
12 Max Miller
13 Kyle Clever
14 Guillaume St-Cyr
15 Carter Biese
16 Geran Stapleton
17 Addison Emory
18 Max Sanford
19 Doc Smith
20 Josh Greco

250 HEAT 2

KTM’s younger Julien Beaumer and Max Vohland battled within the early laps whereas Levi Kitchen went down. Max obtained into the lead on the primary lap and stayed there all through the race. Kitchen climbed again as much as qualifying place in seventh by the top of the race.

1 Maximus Vohland
2 Julien Beaumer
3 Garrett Marchbanks
4 Mitchell Oldenburg
5 Phillip Nicoletti
6 Ryder DiFrancesco
7 Levi Kitchen
8 Robbie Wageman
9 Talon Hawkins
10 Lux Turner
11 Matti Jorgensen
12 Slade Varola
13 Blaine Silveira
14 Julien Benek
15 Tre Fierro
16 Lance Kobusch
17 Braden Spangle
18 Alex Nagy
19 Joey Desimone
20 Hunter Calle


Levi Kitchen was the quickest 250 rider in qualifying, however needed to accept third in the primary. Photograph by David Dewhurst.

Julien Beaumer obtained into the lead early in the primary occasion and held on so long as he may. On the second lap, RJ Hampshire took over and set a blazing tempo. Within the following laps, Levi Kitchen adopted Beaumer and his Kawasaki teammate Max Vohland caught as much as each of them. The 2 Kawasaki riders battled backwards and forwards for a lot of the race. Vohland handed each Beaumer and Kitchen then Beaumer fell. That allowed Kitchen again to Vohland’s rear wheel. Quickly aferward, Vohland made a mistake that allowed Kitchen to get forward. Jo Shimoda, who gated poorly, caught and handed Vohland late within the race. Hampshire completed with a cushty lead.

1 RJ Hampshire
2 Jordon Smith
3 Levi Kitchen
4 Jo Shimoda
5 Maximus Vohland
6 Julien Beaumer
7 Garrett Marchbanks
8 Mitchell Oldenburg
9 Ryder DiFrancesco
10 Carson Mumford
11 Anthony Bourdon
12 Cole Thompson
13 Hunter Yoder
14 Robbie Wageman
15 Joshua Varize
16 Tj Albright
17 Lance Kobusch
18 Talon Hawkins
19 Julien Benek
20 Lux Turner
21 Nate Thrasher
22 Phillip Nicoletti

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1 Jett Lawrence 1:00.686
2 Chase Sexton 1:00.729
3 Cooper Webb 1:00.748
4 Ken Roczen 1:01.040
5 Justin Cooper 1:01.202
6 Eli Tomac 1:01.502
7 Jason Anderson 1:01.709
8 Hunter Lawrence 1:01.989
9 Jorge Prado 1:02.230
10 Malcolm Stewart 1:02.268
11 Dylan Ferrandis 1:02.424
12 Aaron Plessinger 1:02.552
13 Justin Barcia 1:02.621
14 Christian Craig 1:02.665
15 Adam Cianciarulo 1:02.767
16 Dean Wilson 1:02.786
17 Justin Hill 1:02.909
18 Vince Friese 1:03.045
19 Freddie Noren 1:03.417
20 Benny Bloss 1:03.562
21 Shane McElrath 1:03.886
22 Josh Hill 1:04.281
23 Jerry Robin 1:04.419
24 Derek Drake 1:04.503
25 Kyle Chisholm 1:04.642
26 Cade Clason 1:04.677
27 Justin Starling 1:05.412
28 Anthony Rodriguez 1:05.487
29 Kevin Moranz 1:05.538
30 Josh Cartwright 1:05.604
31 Austin Politelli 1:05.607
32 Logan Karnow 1:05.655
33 Mitchell Harrison 1:05.689
34 Devin Simonson 1:06.003
35 Cheyenne Harmon 1:06.243
36 Jason Clermont 1:06.330
37 Thomas Ramette 1:06.509
38 Tristan Lane 1:06.771
39 Gared Steinke 1:06.874
40 Hunter Schlosser 1:06.960


1 Levi Kitchen 1:01.398
2 RJ Hampshire 1:01.607
3 Julien Beaumer 1:01.911
4 Jo Shimoda 1:01.933
5 Maximus Vohland 1:02.050
6 Nate Thrasher 1:02.079
7 Mitchell Oldenburg 1:02.143
8 Jordon Smith 1:02.204
9 Garrett Marchbanks 1:02.678
10 Carson Mumford 1:03.489
11 Ryder DiFrancesco 1:03.498
12 Cole Thompson 1:03.996
13 Robbie Wageman 1:04.305
14 Anthony Bourdon 1:04.380
15 Phillip Nicoletti 1:04.817
16 Hunter Yoder 1:05.363
17 Lux Turner 1:05.384
18 Max Miller 1:05.654
19 Talon Hawkins 1:06.124
20 Joshua Varize 1:06.691
21 Slade Varola 1:06.905
22 Tj Albright 1:06.985
23 Lance Kobusch 1:07.326
24 Geran Stapleton 1:07.331
25 Blaine Silveira 1:07.582
26 Max Sanford 1:07.634
27 Julien Benek 1:07.671
28 Josh Greco 1:07.841
29 Matti Jorgensen 1:08.346
30 Billy Laninovich 1:08.795
31 Alex Nagy 1:09.258
32 Guillaume St-Cyr 1:09.734
33 Braden Spangle 1:09.846
34 Kyle Clever 1:09.964
35 Tre Fierro 1:10.422
36 Carter Biese 1:10.560
37 Travis Olander 1:11.446
38 Addison Emory 1:11.510
39 Hunter Calle 1:12.781
40 Doc Smith 1:14.138

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