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18 People Who Just Moved Into New Homes and Didn’t Expect to Face a Snag

18 People Who Just Moved Into New Homes and Didn’t Expect to Face a Snag

When moving to a new place, it’s impossible to anticipate everything that might be waiting for you in your new abode. The good thing is it can be something interesting, like an old safe box or a cute cat visitor. However, sometimes things go wrong, and that’s when we have to solve challenges with old pipes, a bad-working shower, or a broken stove.

The characters of our compilation experienced all the “pleasant” things that go along with moving to a new home, and we at Bright Side hope that you’ll only be coming across nice surprises in such situations.

“Just moved into a new house. The shower walls are totally missing.”

“Just moved into my first rental after college, then I opened the freezer.”

“Moved into a brand-new house, and this is my drinking water.”

“Every corner is uniquely uneven in the luxury apartment I just moved to.”

“Just moved into a new apartment and the neighbors have a mirror match of my kitty!”

“The closet of the house we just moved into has a lock…on the outside.”

“Moved into a condo and these keys are everywhere. Any ideas?”

  • Check your front door lock, you probably have a tiny slot next to the keyhole. Those things you see, go in the slot, then you can re-key the lock using the current key. © FarkFrederick / Reddit (Bright Side note: This operation is all about changing the key of the lock to a different one.)

“My friends just moved into an old house and found this in the floor.”

“This cupboard in my friend’s new house is there to hide a pillar.”

“The front door at my mom’s new house”

“I was ready for my first shower in my new house.”

“Just bought a new house.”

“Just moved into their newly built custom home and this is where they decided to put the TV.”

“Bought a new house! The oven’s grate was discretely snapped.”

“The house I just moved into has its bathroom light switch in the shower.”

“I recently moved into a new house and I was curious to find out why my door wouldn’t close.”

“Just moved into a new flat and this happens — perhaps the previous tenants hadn’t removed a tee valve for a bidet.”

“I just moved into a new terrace house and this kitty climbs into my room and sleeps on my bed.”

What surprises did you come across when you moved to a new place?

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